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Mission of Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Co.

Supply (manufacturing and assembly) and maintenance (periodical, semi overhaul and overhaul) of EMUs (Electric Multiple Units) focusing on the welfare, comfort and security for users of products and services.

The vision of Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Co.

Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Co. in line with the twenty-year vision of the country, for the year 2026 is a company with the following features and capabilities:
- A company capable of planning and implementation of all repair classes, periodical, semi overhaul and overhaul of the EMUs with high safety and minimum possible time and resources than competitors
- A company capable of engineering and designing EMUs by increasing the engineering capabilities, research and development and expansion of trusted supply chain of contractors adhere to the company
- A company capable of assembly and manufacturing electric traction trains and trailers with the latest technology and comply with relevant standards
- The leading company in identifying and fostering human talents, and with practical and scientific research centers to promote knowledge and skills in the railway transport industry
- A company capable of producing wealth and profitability so that regarding financial indicators being among top 100 companies in Iran.
- A company leading in railway transport industry so that ranks first in the country and be among the top three in the region.
- A company consists of expert, loyal, skilled, creative thinker staff so that the highest share of value added would be the skills and knowledge of the personnel.
- A company capable to establish standards and management systems so that all required systems are in accordance with the latest technologies and the company would be a leader in native promotion of standards and applied systems.
- A company active in professional railway transportation organizations within and outside the borders so that has seats in those organizations and be well known as an active member in the development of documentations and standards of the guild.
- A company capable of presenting scientific papers in domestic and foreign prestigious scientific and research journals.


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