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Supply of Train Driving Simulator
This project is ordered by Tehran Metro Co. and is to learn metro drivers in such a short effective way. The project is finished. [ More... ]
Supply of 119 subway car sets and 4 sets of electric locomotives and 30 double-deck wagons
This was TWM 1st contract in manufacturing and assembling of metro wagons which was signed In January 2004 with Tehran Metro Co. and was accomplished 9 month earlier from due date. Now all the fleets are under operation in Tehran metro lines. [ More... ]
Supply of 4 electric locomotives and 12 double-decks
It was signed in an order by the Iranian Rail Transportation Company for supplying of required fleets for the suburban Mehrshahr - Hashtgerd line in 2008 and was finished in 2010. Now all the fleets are in the cycle of operation. [ More... ]
Overhaul of 48 double-deck wagons and 12 electric locomotives
Electric locomotives and double deck wagons of Tehran Metro line 5, by passing time and specified distance, needed overhaul repairs. So despite of all shortages, the overhaul project started for 48 double-deck wagons and 12 electric locomotives from Aug.2006 by Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Co. This can be done within the country, using local experts and specialists. In addition to job creation, technology transfer, reduce dependence on the construction of complex mechanical and electrical parts and ... too much foreign exchange was saved. This project was completed in March 2009. [ More... ]
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