Sat, September 18, 2021, 03:12

Maintenance and periodical repair of Tehran Metro fleet and installed equipment of workshops
By now, Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Co. is responsible for maintenance and periodical repair of Tehran Metro fleet and workshop equipment (over 225 type of equipment) as well as doing corrective maintenance and reconstruction of crashed fleet. The maintenance and repair of Tehran Metro fleet, relying on experienced efficient personnel (with respect to the new subway rail transport system in the country), is performed in Sadeghieh, Fath Abad and Mehrshahr workshops as follows: - 42 DC Trains (294 DC wagon units) in the classes of 15.000 km,150.000 km and 450.000 km - 43 AC Trains (301 DC wagon units) in the classes of 10.000 km, 120.000 km and 360.000 km (the number of AC fleet is growing ) - 140 double-deck wagons in the classes of 6 months and 1.5 year (the number of double-deck wagons is growing) - 40 units of electric locomotives in the classes of 20.000 km, 90.000 km and 450.000 km (the number of electric locomotives is growing) [ More... ]
Supply of 455 subway units and 160 double decks and 38 electric locomotives
Regarding the contract with Tehran Metro Company in 2007, providing 245 aluminum body wagon units (35 trains) and 210 steel body wagon units (30 trains), 160 double-decks and 38 electric locomotives is the most important project in progress. Manufacturing the body of double decks and assembly of subway wagons is performing in the TWM Factory in such a way that 42% to 52% cost of the wagon equipment are produced inside the country. In this regard, a portion of the third generation trains with steel body and the fourth generation with aluminum body, double-deck wagons and electric locomotives have been delivered to Tehran Metro Co. and are now under operation. [ More... ]
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